Thursday, April 16, 2009

1591. A Dederick Number 4 Hay Press, used to make bales of hay, similar to patent number 99,295:

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The tools look like they were used on this part of the device:

1592. A fireplace fender, it keeps hot coals and debris from falling out of the fireplace:

1593. A step for a horse drawn carriage, this piece of hardware mounts to the underside of the coach:

1594. This is a juicer/pasta press:

1595. A miter clamp, according to the patent:
...for clamping and retaining in position the contiguous portions of a mitered frame - for instance, a window, door, looking glass, picture, or other frame, or the contiguous sides of a box-bracket, - where a corner is to be formed by joining and securing two portions together...

Patent number 371,349

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1596. A clay pigeon thrower for use by a trap shooter:

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